Learn How Die Antwoord Ended Up Starring in Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie


One of the more interesting aspects of Neill Blomkamp’s third feature film Chappie is the unconventional decision to cast South African rappers Ninja (on left) and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, collectively known as Die Antwoord, in key roles as version of themselves, in a future in which they’re criminals who end up stealing a high-tech police robot (played by Shalrto Copley) and training him to help them commit crimes.

Die Antwoord are hugely popular worldwide due to the hard-edged music and the intense visuals in their music videos, which have been seen by millions of viewers, and Blomkamp incorporated the group’s visual style and attitude into his movie. 

In the featurette below, you can learn more about the group and their relationship with Blomkamp that led to this collaboration on Chappie

Also starring Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel and Sigourney Weaver, Chappie opens nationwide on March 6. Look for our interview with Blomkamp and some of his cast over the next couple weeks in which they talk more about the influence of Die Antwoord on the sci-fi action thriller. 


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