An Exclusive Clip from The Gambler

In the movie, Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett, a college literature professor who has become so invested in his gambling habits that he owes over $200,000 and he’s been given seven days to pay that money back. 

The movie also stars Michael K. Williams and John Goodman as two of the loan sharks Jimmy becomes indebted to, and Brie Larson as a student with whom he becomes romantically involved.

The movie made the Weekend Warrior’s Top 25 list, and you can read his review here, as well as watch interviews with Williams and Larson here and another one with director Rupert Wyatt here. has been given an exclusive clip from the film which features Wahlberg with Jessica Lange, playing Jim Bennett’s wealthy mother whom he calls upon to help bail him out in his time of need. You catch watch the clip in the video player below.


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