Exclusive Ocean Boy Clip Previews Luke Hemsworth-Led Drama

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Ocean Boy clip from the upcoming Australian drama film led by Luke Hemsworth. The movie will release in theaters and through video-on-demand on February 3.

“Set in the late 1980s, Ocean Boy is told through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy, Rockit. As he grapples to understand why his Mum’s not coming home, Rockit embarks on a magical holiday with his father, Bosch, only to discover they’re actually running from the law,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Rockit finds a soulmate and then teenage love with Ash Ash, but it’s the ocean that gives him the security and calm he yearns from his parents. Ultimately Rockit is a boy held by nature, a young man who wins our hearts and respect as his story unfolds.”

Check out the exclusive Ocean Boy clip below:

Ocean Boy was directed by Tyler Atkins. It stars Luke Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Leanna Walsman, and Ramsus King.


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