Trailer For Bear Grylls Young Adventurer: Endangered Previews Animated Film

Bron Releasing has put out a teaser trailer for Bear Grylls Young Adventurer: Endangered, an animated film that follows a young Bear Grylls as he goes on a crazy adventure.

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The film stars Sean Teale and Kevin Eldon and is developed at Pinewood Studios.

“The goal with this movie was always to make the ultimate animated adventure, brimming with courage, kindness, and a never give up spirit,” stated Bear Grylls. “This is the sort of stuff that I was hooked on as a kid — jungle missions, getting into endless scrapes and adventures with my best buddies, and trying to save and protect the world in the process! Endangered has it all, and it is incredible to see how the team has taken a young Bear Grylls and crafted this into such an inspiring, positive, fun adventure.”

Check out the teaser trailer for Bear Grylls Young Adventurer: Endangered below:

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Endangered sees the animated 14-year-old Bear finding his feet amongst a five-strong energetic team of intrepid teens,” reads the film’s synopsis. “With the young adventurer exchanging his school classroom for the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, Endangered showcases the wonders of the natural world, shining a light on environmental issues like deforestation and species extinction. Above all, it’s a rollercoaster ride of daring rescues, edge-of-the-seat survival, and unbreakable friendships — everything that made Bear Grylls the adventurer we know today.”


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