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The Legend of Tayos Exclusive Clip – Documentary in Search of Hidden Treasure

ComingSoon is excited to share a brand new, exclusive clip for Galo Semblantes’ upcoming film The Legend of Tayos, a documentary focused on the hunt for treasure in the Amazon.

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The documentary tells the story of Janos Moricz and his hunt for the “Gold Library,” a rumored site of treasure and other objects that is hidden somewhere in the Amazon. The film details Moricz’s search for the items inside of the Cave of Tayos, a cave located in the Morona-Sanitago province of Ecuador. “After 8 years of research, I’m excited to finally release this film and shed some light on this Ecuadorian mystery,” said Semblantes.

In the clip, we’re treated to a few stunning shots of the wilderness and wildlife that inhabits the region Moricz explores. After descending into a large cavern, we’re then shown even more footage of the area being explored, along with various shots of the tents that have been set up for the journey.

You can check out the exclusive clip for the documentary below:

“Janos Moricz, a Hungarian explorer, claims to have discovered a ‘Gold Library’ inside a cave,” reads the synopsis for the upcoming film. “Lacking any evidence, he tries to get the recognition he believes he deserves but struggles to get support from the local governments and religious leaders.”

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The Legend of Tayos is available now on video on demand from Gravitas Ventures in North America and is coming soon to theaters in Latin America.


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