Exclusive The Paper Tigers Clip – A Chase Gone Wrong is excited to debut an exclusive The Paper Tigers clip from Tran Quoc Bao’s upcoming action flick. This dramedy focuses on kung fu prodigies turned washed-up middle-aged men that now have to avenge their master’s death. It’s not that simple, though, as they have to deal with their dead-end jobs, a divorce, and fatherly duties as well. The Well Go USA release is out in theaters and on demand on May 7.

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Mentored by acclaimed action director Corey Yuen, The Paper Tigers is Bao’s directorial feature film debut. He’s previously released several shorts and edited films such as Jackpot and Cho Lon. The film stars Alain Uy (True Detective), Ron Yuan (Mulan), Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Undisputed III), Matthew Page (Enter the Dojo), Andy Le (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), and Yuji Okumoto (Cobra Kai).

Check out the official synopsis for The Paper Tigers below:

As teenagers, kung fu disciples Danny (Alain Uy), Hing (Ron Yuan) and Jim (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) were inseparable. Fast forward 25 years, and each has grown into a washed-up middle-aged man seemingly one kick away from pulling a hamstring—and not at all preoccupied with thoughts of martial arts or childhood best friends. But when their old master is murdered, the trio reunites, soon learning that avenging their sifu will require conquering old grudges (and a dangerous hitman still armed with ample knee cartilage) if they are to honorably defend his legacy.

Our The Paper Tigers clip has Danny and Hing investigating their master’s death. After a mysterious man appears at the crime scene, a chase ensues. However, it doesn’t go well as both men aren’t in shape and it shows that they’ve got a long way to go to get back to their kung fu heyday.

Check out our exclusive The Paper Tigers clip below (or watch on YouTube):


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