Check Out the Trailer for Dan Fogler’s Star-Studded Indie Comedy Don Peyote


The trailer for co-writer/director and star Dan Fogler’s surreal indie comedy Don Peyote is now online. Check it out in the player below.

Featuring talent like Anne Hathaway, Jay Baruchel, Dean Winters, Josh Duhamel, Daniel Pinchbeck, Yang Miller and more, the film follows a man’s decent into perceived madness as he goes on a journey to unravel the fabric of status-quo society. Fogler’s leading character, Warren Allman, dives deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, secret societies, and counter culture to try and figure out what’s really happening in our world and who is pulling the strings.

“It came out of necessity,” Fogler told of the project in an interview last year, “where I wasn’t getting the parts I wanted. I wanted to do stuff where I, especially with ‘Don Peyote,’ could write to my abilities as an actor. I basically do everything I possibly can in ‘Don Peyote’.”

Folger wrote and directed Don Peyote alongside Michael Canzoniero. It is scheduled for a limited release in May from XLrator Media.