‘Final Destination 3’ Movie Review (2006)


Final Destination 3 Movie ReviewThe Final Destination franchise has made it to a third movie for one and only reason… Seeing all these unique ways the filmmakers come up with killing people is a lot of fun and Final Destination 3 keeps the fun going. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a fantastic movie. If someone isn’t being killed, this movie actually sucks, but once the blood flows you forget all about that other stuff.

The film stars yet another young group of actors, this time led by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman, and while none of the previous stars show up in this installment their encounters with death are not soon forgotten. Where Final Destination began with a plane crash and Final Destination 2 kicked off with the coolest onscreen car crash ever, Final Destination 3 gets started on a roller coaster of all things. Sorry Six Flags, this one is going to discourage some people from coasters for a long time, and tanning beds, but that is all I am saying.

Once the wheels are placed in motion and we have a group of youngsters running from death itself the fun gets started. I won’t ruin any of the fun stuff by giving away how any of the people die, let’s just say there are some gruesome deaths that will have you either cringing our shouting, either way this is a fun movie to see with a crowd of moviegoers.

The plotline is insanely absurd, as were the first two films, but that didn’t stop them from making major amounts of money and inspiring a third film and if inspiration hits again this franchise may never end. After all, how do you kill death itself?

Instead of crying and complaining that this plot doesn’t hold up sit back and enjoy the fun, just remember not to expect anything more than a head smashing good time. With PG-13 thrills (When a Stranger Calls) leading last weekend’s box-office it is nice to see that a hard R horror will hopefully represent the top spot a bit better. Leave your brain at home and check into this one as the grisly nature of horror takes over.


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