‘Doom’ Movie Review (2005)


Doom Movie ReviewIs it really fair to grade a movie based on a videogame? Is it at all possible that it can actually be better than average? I went into Doom expecting the worst. I expected to see a bunch of guys running around killing creatures, people dieing and a plotline just strong enough to keep people from walking out of the theater, and I will say that is damn near what I got, but I can also say this one had a few surprises.

First among the surprises is the fact that I did not hate this film. I didn’t even despise it even though there were moments when my inner voice was saying, “Oh my God!” and if you can get over those parts, then the movie stands a chance, albeit, a limited one.

For fans of the game, I am sorry, I never played it and am only familiar with the storyline, so I can’t go too in-depth with that, but I can tell you that the gamers will enjoy themselves – at least teh ones in my preview audience did. As an example, as I was walking away from the theater I overheard one of the audience members say, “I know that movie sucked, but it reminds me of when I was a kid, and if you take it away from me I will kill you.” For me, the movie hits just above “sucked,” but I can see why fans of the game are sure to enjoy themselves, and hopefully won’t feel the need to “kill” their friends.

First off, you have The Rock, the most recognizable face of “pro” wrestling since Hulk Hogan, and I am in his corner all the way. I love watching this guy beat up on shit, whether it’s a monster, a Mummy or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, I am there. One big misstep here though, is that The Rock goes way over the edge with his character. He is so over-the-top it seems as if the director was simply too scared to say, “Hey Rock, how about we take it back a notch?” He probably would have got a “kiss my candy ass” on that one.

For those looking for videogame authenticity this one does delve into the first-person shooter mode for about five minutes which is certain to bring cheers from the geek squad and there are a couple of monsters from the game. However, from what I have been told, there are going to be some disappointed customers if they are going to the film to find their favorite villain. Most likely, he’s not going to be there.

Visually the film holds up and for the most part this is Resident Evil with men as the heroes. It isn’t really anything more than taking Resident Evil, have it take place on Mars, add about 175 pounds to Milla Jovovich and give her a BFG (big fucking gun)… Oh yeah, and make her a man. Slight detail there at the end.

If videogames are your thing then Doom is sure to impress. If plotlines are what you’re after you might want to see what else is showing, because this one is no more than blood, guts, gore and uh… blood.


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