‘Dirty Love’ Movie Review (2005)


Dirty Love Movie ReviewWhen the name Jenny McCarthy is mentioned it has to be “dirty love.” Right? McCarthy has the looks of a beauty queen and the mouth of a gutter rat. It often baffles me at how someone so beautiful on the outside could be so damned raunchy but I guess that is just part of her charm. If you can call it that. And Dirty Love takes absolute advantage of McCarthy’s willingness to take it to the limit and then some.

Dirty Love tells the story of down-on-her-luck Rebecca (Jenny McCarthy) who has just caught the love of her life, Richard (Victor Webster), cheating on her. Oh dear. So now this little lady sees the need to either earn her man back through fits of jealousy or find herself a new man and both routes are not looking promising, and her idiot girlfriends led by ghetto-fabulous Carmen Electra are not exactly helping. However, there is still hope as John (Eddie Kaye Thomas) has always had his eye set on winning Rebecca’s love, and why wouldn’t he? She’s hot, he’s not. Then again the guy that banged Stiffler’s mom should have some kind of pull here… shouldn’t he?

This movie has the potential of being an absolute nightmare and after the first 15 minutes you think that just might be exactly what you are in for, but as it wears on, your stomach muscles are tested to the limit as pooling menstrual accidents and chunky bits of vomit are thrust into the forefront all while McCarthy tosses her “big ol’ titties” in your face… Seriously… her titties. Okay, maybe that is not such a big surprise, but they are worth mentioning.

This is not a movie made for the film-loving audience. This is a childish film with a cliche ending, and that is not to say it is bad, because the road traveled to that ending is far from cliche and far from expected (remember the menstrual comment above?).

Jenny McCarthy has no future as a big time actress but her scene in Scary Movie 3 with Pamela Anderson was the only good thing about that flick and for a bout of childish behavior and a film completely lacking in maturity Dirty Love is definitely in your future. If those things sound good to you don’t let the “C” rating discourage you, it is simply a measure of this film’s quality, not it’s ability to entertain those with poopy jokes and boobies on their mind.


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