‘Stealth’ Movie Review (2005)


Stealth Movie ReviewIn a year where I can honestly say there have only been a handful of good movies Stealth certainly helps prove the point as this movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Failing in storytelling, dialogue and everything in between, this is the epitome of poor filmmaking.

Stealth follows a trio of fighter pilots who are part of an exclusive group of stealth fighter pilots. This group is made up of Lt. Ben Gannon (Lucas), Kara Wade (Biel) and Henry Purcell (Foxx), but these three are about to get an interesting addition to their group as they are introduced to their new wingman “EDI,” a technology driven fighter plane. While the group is obviously not to keen on the idea of taking the human element out of flying they are forced to fly on their first mission together and while EDI’s talents are outstanding, his lack of moral judgment is questioned, but pretty soon even that is going to be out the window.

As the squad approaches home in the middle of a rain storm EDI is unfortunately struck by lightning, which scrambles his systems and instead of destroying the plane’s circuitry EDI begins to learn and evolve into a killing machine hell bent on carrying out any and all missions in the Defense Department’s database despite teh danger to innocents.

Just by reading that synopsis several of you are probably ready to count this movie out at the thought of an artificially intelligent fighter plane, and then once I say it was hit by lightning I lose the rest of you. I, however, thought this movie had a small potential to entertain, considering it was being directed by Rob Cohen (xXx, The Fast and the Furious) and it had Jessica Biel in it, which insinuated a bit of skin. Unfortunately no amount of skin can save this flick as the storyline has an amazingly hard time getting started and once it does, it stops as much as it starts leaving the audience with one foot out the door and one asleep in their seat.

Jamie Foxx is useless as he has no real part in the film and Jessica Biel has so few “eye candy” moments that her presence isn’t necessary either, we know she isn’t here for her acting ability. This film centers primarily on EDI and Ben Gannon’s attempt to bring him down, and believe me when I tell you it ain’t too exciting.

Audience members will guess everything before it happens as this movie is desperately cliche and a poor excuse for an action thriller. Rob Cohen lucked out with xXx and The Fast and the Furious as they filled a void in the young moviegoer’s appetite, but this one tastes too much like crap to even satisfy the hungriest audience member.


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