‘Bad News Bears’ Movie Review (2005)


Bad News Bears Movie ReviewThe remake of Bad News Bears was hardly a necessary venture considering how much people enjoyed the first film but a perfect cast helps turn this crass, yet cutesy, baseball flick into a satisfactory movie, but far from perfect.

The original film is primarily known for its language and ultimately well drawn out characters and this own doesn’t stray far from that ideal as ex-baseballer Buttermaker (Thornton) sets out to coach a little league baseball team amidst his day job as an exterminator and his all-day job as an alcoholic.

Buttermaker has been awarded the chance to coach the worst of the worst as a gang of young misfits set out to take on a little league filled with highly talented kids.

It is hard to call Bad News Bears a kid’s movie even though the majority of the cast ranges from 11-16 years-old and their foul mouths and middle finger waving antics may have some parents racing for the door, but for those of you able to look beyond those trivial details you may find yourself having some fun.

Bad News Bears is far from a perfect film however, as Billy Bob Thornton may be very well cast, the writing has a few rough edges when it comes to sorting out the overall moral of the story. As Buttermaker continually makes the kids feel more and more like dirt you begin to wonder when the whole life lesson thing is going to kick in, and it is the one place in the film where the writers really missed a beat.

Spending your cash on this one at the theaters is probably not your best option as it is far more suitable for a Saturday night Blockbuster rental, but if you feel trapped in a summer of aliens, superheros and overbearing special effects Bad News Bears may be your answer.


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