‘Elektra’ Movie Review (2005)


Elektra Movie ReviewIf you had to choose between Elektra and Daredevil, Elektra would be the film to see, but that isn’t really saying much as an early January release date is explained as this one fails to ever get started.

Jennifer Garner returns as Elektra, the super heroine in red that made her first big screen appearance in the superhero flop Daredevil. Now she is brought back to life by her mentor Stick, yeah Stick, but once her master boots her out of ninja class she turns to the dark side as a hired assassin.

Suddenly her next target is a father and daughter duo forcing her to make a choice and suffer emotions she didn’t know she could feel, which could ultimately pit her in a battle against the ruthless crime syndicate… The Hand… dum, dum, dum. Can you feel the intensity?

The Hand is made up of some pretty cool cats including Typhoid Mary (Malthe), the lightning fast Kirigi (Yun Lee), Tattoo (Ackerman) and Stone (Sapp), and while the baddies are interesting to watch and it is fun to see just what special effect will be used to exhibit their powers next, unfortunately we are forced to suffer endless amounts of pointless blather just to get to the good stuff, which really turns out to be not-so-good.

When Elektra isn’t kicking ass she is dreaming of a troubled past or just doing a lot of talking that no one wants to listen to as the story never really seems to come together, which is unfortunate because this one could have been good.

Instead, Elektra feels more like episode one of a season long television series, the only problem is there is no cliffhanger and you don’t care what happens next.


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