Knives Out Adds Don Johnson to its Already Impressive Cast


Knives Out Adds Don Johnson to its Already Impressive Cast

Knives Out adds Don Johnson to its already impressive cast

Don Johnson is reportedly in advanced talks to join director Rian Johnson’s upcoming Knives Out, according to Deadline. The actor is currently filming Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen series for HBO, and is apparently figuring out his schedule to accommodate both productions. Details about Johnson’s role are currently being kept under wraps, which is consistent for the tight-lipped production.

Johnson’s upcoming feature has already amassed an impressive cast including Daniel Craig (Spectre) Chris Evans (Avengers: Infinity War), Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049), Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water) and Lakeith Stanfield (Sorry To Bother You).

Star Wars: The Last Jedi filmmaker Johnson wrote the script for the film, which has yet to release any kind of synopsis, though it’s been described as a modern-day murder mystery in the classic whodunit style, infused with Johnson’s original voice that informed films from Brick to Looper. The director’s been a huge Agatha Christie fan for years and has been plotting his own murder mystery for over a decade. Johnson will complete Knives Out before he directs the first in a new trilogy set in the Star Wars universe.

In September it was announced that Media Rights Capital, the company behind such hits as Baby Driver and the upcoming Peter Jackson-produced Mortal Engines, had successfully landed the rights to the film at the 2018 Toronto Film Festival and is set to finance with a commitment north of $40 million.

Knives Out is expected to begin filming sometime in November.

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