Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa Productions Solidifies Project Lineup


Sylvestor Stallone's Balboa Productions Solidifies Project Lineup

Sylvestor Stallone’s Balboa Productions solidifies project lineup

Sylvester Stallone (Creed IIRambo V) and producer Braden Aftergood’s Balboa Productions has lined up projects for their recently formed production company, Deadline has confirmed. Stallone is attached to star in two of the projects so far and will be producing all of them alongside Aftergood.

The first project is Samaritan, a dark take on the superhero genre starring Stallone. The production is scheduled to begin next year. Stallone will also lead the Hunter adaptation based on the novel by James Byron Huggins. Stallone bought the rights to the project in 2009.

Huggins’ book centers on Nathaniel Hunter, whose hyper-tracking skills are employed to hunt down a raging beast, a half-human terror created by a renegade agency that is threatening to wreak havoc on civilization. Balboa Productions is currently seeking a writer for the project.

Balboa Productions has also acquired the film rights to a memoir by FBI veteran Michael McGowan and Ralph Pezzullo titled “Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent.” McGowan served as an FBI field operative who worked on more than 50 undercover cases.

Other projects slated include a film set in the world of special ops written by retired Army Ranger Max Adams. Balboa Productions has also announced two upcoming television projects, the first being Levon’s Trade from comic book author Chuck Dixon. They will also be adapting “Second Son,” based on the bestselling novel by Charles Sailor and with Rob Willians (Killing Eve) writing the series.