Jon Stewart is Returning to the Director's Chair for Irresistible

Jon Stewart is Returning to the Director’s Chair for Irresistible

The former host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart is looking to return to his role as a director for Irresistible, a political satire based on an original idea, according to Deadline. Stewart is hoping his former Daily Show correspondent, and current movie star Steve Carell will play the lead role.

It’s been reported that financiers and distributors are currently circling the Plan B-produced production. Stewart will also serve as a producer on the project.

Stewart had previously directed 2014’s Rosewater, which starred Gael Garcia Bernal as Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was accused of being a spy and imprisoned by Iranian forces. The film grossed just over $3 million at the box office, and later won the National Board of Review’s Freedom of Expression award

He had taken time off from his job hosting The Daily Show to direct the film, before retiring from the long-running news parody show the following year. He was succeeded by Trevor Noah, who still hosts the four-night-a-week show on Comedy Central.

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