Craig Gillespie to Direct English Remake of Thelma


Craig Gillespie to Direct English Remake of Thelma

Craig Gillespie to direct English remake of Thelma

According to Deadline, FilmNation Entertainment has successfully acquired the rights to develop an English language remake of director/writer Joachim Trier’s 2017 Norwegian thriller Thelma. Academy Award nominated film I, Tonya‘s director Craig Gillespie has been tapped to helm the remake with Christy Hall set to pen the script.

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The cast of the original Thelma includes Eili Harboe as the titular character, Kaya Wilkins as Anja, Ellen Dorrit Petersen as Unni, and Henrik Rafaelson  as Trond. The film’s synopsis is as follows: Thelma embarks on her freshman year at a college in Oslo. On the surface, Thelma is not unlike her fellow students: Sensitive, vulnerable, feeling her way through new experiences and sensations of the adult world. Raised in the country by strict and religious parents, she encounters the rituals of campus life as if emerging from a cocoon. But there also is something unusual and extraordinary about her. One day as she studies in the library Thelma is gripped by a seizure, her tremors punctuated by the thud of black birds smashing themselves against the windows. Anja, another student, comes to her aid.

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Before long, a friendship blooms between the two young women. Although her parents Trond and Unni monitor her through persistent phone calls, she begins to loosen up. Through a budding attraction to Anja, she experiences an emotional and sexual awakening that both thrills and terrifies her. The new feelings cause Thelma to struggle with her religious upbringing, and the tension unleashes more uncanny events – erotic dreams replete with crawling serpents; seizures that disorder the world around her. As her connection to Anja deepens, Thelma’s need to discover her true self becomes urgent. She seeks a medical answer to her episodes, which are diagnosed as psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, an affliction that once got women misidentified as witches. Digging further, she uncovers disturbing secrets about her family, and reluctantly comes to a fateful realization – just as Anja goes mysteriously missing.

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