‘Chances Are Excellent’ That Blumhouse Gets Rights to Other Horror Franchises


'Chances Are Excellent' That Blumhouse Gets Rights to Other Horror Franchises

‘Chances are excellent’ that Blumhouse gets rights to other horror franchises

Jason Blum took to Twitter last night to answer fan’s questions and with the upcoming Halloween reboot that Blumhouse has in the works the topic naturally shifted to what horror franchises he hopes his company can pick up. Over several tweets (via Bloody Disgusting), the Blumhouse Productions boss revealed some interesting choices on what they’re hoping for, as well as what films they passed on making, but noted that “chances are excellent” they tackle another big franchise.

Among the franchises that Blumhouse has either attempted to nab or may still try for are The Crow, which has been in development purgatory for years, which made the list of hopeful possibilities. Blum also stressed that he’s really trying for Friday the 13th, though the rights to the franchise are currently tangled in a legal mess, making any acquisition difficult. Others he expressed interest in when prompted directly were Alien and Scream, saying ‘Never say never.’

The most interesting revelations are that Blumhouse passed on a chance to remake the horror classic The Blob, and the company tried to acquire the rights to Stephen King’s killer car story, Christine. The latter was turned into a movie by John Carpenter back in 1983.

Granted, there’s nothing that guarantees that Blum or, by extension, Blumhouse, will actually end up acquiring any of these film rights. Given the company’s current hot-streak, however, it is possible one or more of these IPs ends up moving forward in some capacity.

Still, it’s anyone’s guess how much of Blum’s wishlist actually comes to fruition, but with Blum’s enthusiasm for all things horror, it’ll be interesting to see what projects they get made.