Train to Busan Sequel in the Works


Sequel to zombie shocker Train to Busan in the works

Good news for horror fans as director Yeon Sang-ho is reportedly hard at work on a sequel to his 2016 zombie shocker Train to Busan, according to AllKPop (via Bloody Disgusting).

While minimal details are offered, the working title to the film is “Peninsula,” per a representative of the South Korean director, who likewise provided slight plot snippets: The film will revisit the same zombie virus that was seen in the original movie, except this time the focus will be expanded to the entire Korean peninsula.”

“We are planning to begin filming in the first half of next year. We still have not cast any actors, so we are still preparing a lot of different things.”

Train to Busan was a critical darling upon its release, and stars Gong Yoo as a workaholic businessman and father who accompanies his doe-eyed daughter on the titular train ride to see her mother at the very same time that a malevolent virus breaks out, turning the populace into ravenous, milk-eyed ghouls. When one of those blood-sucking zombies gets on the train, Hell is unleashed and the father must team up with a gaggle of survivors to fight the dead and protect his child.

Train to Busan set the box office ablaze across Asia, smashed box office records in South Korea and became the biggest Korean film of all time, stars Gong Yoo (The Age of Shadows), Jung Yu-mi (Manhole), Ma Dong-seok (Doomsday Book), Choi Woo-sik (Big Match), An So-hee (Hellcats), Kim Eui-sung (Assassination), and Kim Su-an (Memories of the Sword). Bonus materials include two behind-the-scenes featurettes.

You can check out the Blu-ray or stream the crazy zombie flick via Netflix.

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