Rose Byrne in Talks to Join Tiffany Hadish in Limited Partners


Rose Byrne in Talks to Join Tiffany Hadish in Limited Partners

Rose Byrne in talks to join Tiffany Hadish in Limited Partners

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Australian actress Rose Byrne is in talks to join Tiffany Haddish in Limited Partners, a Paramount comedy that has been described as “Superbad meets Bridesmaids.”

Slated to be directed by Miguel Arteta (Getting On, The Good Girl), the “friendship comedy” is based off of a script from Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly, who worked together on the Joel Mchale Youtube Red webseries, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television. Veteran stand up comic Haddish will be an executive producer on the flim, and is reported to have helped develop the script after the studio bought the pitch.

The film concerns two business partners whose friendship is tested when their company receives a multi-million dollar proposal from a tech company. When the offer is made, the two women find that “suddenly all the differences that made them perfect odd couple partners put them at war, threatening their business and personal relationships.”

Byrne, who has proven her comedic ability in movies like Bridesmaids, Spy and the Neighbors franchise will play the more logical and conservative of the two, with Haddish playing the impulsive and wild one. This would be the second Paramount Comedy for Byrne, as she acted alongside Mark Wahlberg in the yet to be released film Instant Family.

Production is set to begin in October, with the film scheduled to be released on June 28th 2019, a date that Paramount bumped Transformers 7 from back in May.

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