Minds Eye Entertainment Plans Avalon: Web of Magic


Minds Eye Entertainment announced today that they have partnered with Red Sky Entertainment and Moving Pictures Media to produce a live-action, feature-length film adaptation of fantasy-adventure book series Avalon: Web of Magic.

Avalon: Web of Magic is a twelve book young adult fantasy series published by Tor/MacMillan Publishing Group that have sold over 2 million copies to date and was recently adapted for eBooks on multiple eReader platforms by Premier Digital Publishing.

Created by Robert Mandell and written by Rachel Roberts, the book series features four seemingly ordinary teenagers faced with extraordinary events happening in the woods behind their town. Fantastical animals, the last of their kind, have arrived looking for help to save their world from an evil sorceress. The teens must bond with these animals and learn to become protectors of magic.

Combining ecological themes with contemporary teens, the action packed series is a fantasy with universal appeal that transcends cultural barriers and serves as a very real call-to-action for emerging generations; a 21st century twist on coming of age and learning who you really are through the most improbable and amazing route imaginable.

Minds Eye Entertainment plans to produce several feature length films based on the book series.

“Though full of intrigue and sorcery, at its heart ‘Avalon: Web of Magic’ is a story of friendship and compassion,” said Minds Eye Entertainment CEO/producer Kevin Dewalt (The Tall Man, Faces in the Crowd, Lullaby for Pi), “The movies will be aimed squarely for the teen market but the series will garner fans of all ages if my own reaction to the books is any indication.”

Producer Isabella Battiston, from UK based Moving Pictures Media has joined the production team for the development stage to see through its full potential in making Avalon: Web of Magic a film with worldwide reach and appeal to audiences across the pond.

Donald Petrie, director of such family films as Miss Congeniality, Grumpy Old Men and Richie Rich, will direct in a deal negotiated by Petrie’s agent David Gersh (Gersh LA) and Stephen Saltzman (Loeb and Leob) on behalf of the producing partners.

“Donald Petrie has an amazing ability to connect with his audience,” added Dewalt. “And given his success with previous print adaptations we know ‘Avalon’ is in very good hands.”

Robert Mandell (“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The Series,” “Galaxy Rangers,” “Starla”) will write the screenplay.

Development financing partners are Saskfilm, Canadian-based Minds Eye Entertainment and UK-based Moving Pictures Media.

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