Paul Hogan Will Star in The Very Excellent Mr Dundee


Paul Hogan Will Star in The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

Paul Hogan will star in The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

Variety reports that Paul Hogan will be starring as himself in the upcoming comedy The Very Excellent Mr Dundee.

According to the outlet, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee sees Hogan playing himself and on the brink of receiving a Knighthood for services to comedy. “Don’t do anything to mess this up,” his manager tells him. However, despite all his best efforts, the next six weeks sees his name and reputation destroyed.

After a lengthy absence from both film and television, Paul Hogan surged back into the spotlight after a trailer was released promoting a film project titled Dundee. After much speculation over whether or not this film was a legitimate film, the truth was revealed. The catcher was that the short film trailer was an advertisement to promote tourism in Australia.

The original 1986 Crocodile Dundee was a fish-out-of-water comedy written by and starring Paul Hogan as the Australian bushman Mick Dundee who comes to New York City. A sleeper hit, it grossed $328 million at the worldwide box office and spawned two sequels, 1988’s Crocodile Dundee II and 2001’s Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, neither of which met the expectations of the original.

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee will be directed by Dean Murphy (Strange Bedfellows, Muggers). He will also be producing alongside Nigel Odell (Long Weekend, Muggers). Executive producers are KMI’s Kathy Morgan, Christopher Figg and Robert Whitehouse from London’s Piccadilly Pictures, Sherman Ng from Singapore’s Salt Media and Andrew Mackie and Richard Payten from Transmission Films.

Production on the film is set to start next month in Australia, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. There is no set release date for the film.

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