Blumhouse to Turn Worst Roommate Ever Into Film & TV Series


Blumhouse To Adapt New York Magazine Article Into Film And Series

Blumhouse to turn Worst Roommate Ever into film & TV series

In a landmark deal for both industries, Blumhouse Productions has acquired the rights to adapt the New York Magazine article “Worst Roommate Ever” into both a movie and television series, according to Deadline.

The article, originally written by William Brennen, covered a young woman named Alex Miller who rented out her Philadelphia spare room to a man she thought was Jed Creek, but whom she learned was actually notorious serial squatter Jamison Bachman, who would slowly attempt to lay claim to Miller’s home and make her feel unsafe living there.

The film will be developed by Chris Morgan, the primary writer of the Fast and Furious franchise since the third installment Tokyo Drift, and will be co-produced by Morgan and Blumhouse. The series project, which will be developed in a documentary format, will be led by Mary Lisio, the head of alternative and docuseries for Blumhouse Television.

Although this is not the first time a series has been developed by Blumhouse from a film, it will be the first of its kind in which both projects are being developed simultaneously. Blumhouse Television will see multiple projects debut this year on the small screen, the majority of which are based on previous films, including Tremors and The Purge, as well as an adaptation of the Gillian Flynn novel Sharp Objects directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, and the Indian action horror Ghoul.

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