Warner Bros. Executive Launches New Production Company at Studio


Warner Bros. Executive Launches New Production Company at Studio

Warner Bros. executive launches new production company at studio

Sue Kroll, who has been labelled by many as one of the most prolific studio executives in Hollywood, has just announced that she will be trying her hand at running a production company with the announcement of the launch of her new venture Kroll & Co. Entertainment.

Kroll, who is the former president of Warner Bros. Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, will be launching her company through the major Hollywood studio lot in Burbank. Kroll is currently working on a number of film projects with big-name directors and actors, including Ridley Scott, Mark Wahlberg and Sandra Bullock.

Through her marketing work for the studio, Warner Bros. has reaped many award and monetary benefits, including the Oscar for Best Picture for Argo and Happy Feet, as well as nominations for box office hits including The Dark Knight, Dunkirk and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Some of her upcoming productions include the sci-fi action thriller Nemesis, produced by Ridley Scott, an untitled comedy with Bullock, and an upcoming film adaptation of the classic series The Six Million Dollar Man starring Wahlberg, titled The Six Billion Dollar Man, and the YA drama The Selection.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has called Kroll one of the “most inspired marketing minds in the industry,” including her work on his latest release, Ready Player One.

“I trust her instincts, appreciate her unflagging devotion to her work, and admire her knowledge of film,” Spielberg said. “I am looking forward to collaborating with her in her new capacity as a producer in the very near future.”

Kroll has been with Warner Bros. since 1994, rising through the ranks in her first 20 years for the studio and helping carry them consistently to be one of the most creative and financially successful film studios in the industry. 2017 was the studio’s largest year with over $5.13 billion accumulated at the global box office, which was the second time in its history it had surpassed the $5 billion.

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