James Mangold to Direct Ford vs. Ferrari Movie for Fox


James Mangold to Direct Ford vs. Ferrari Movie for Fox

James Mangold to direct Ford vs. Ferrari movie for Fox

Variety reports that director James Mangold has set up another project at 20th Century Fox with an untitled “Ford vs. Ferrari” feature film about the creation of the world’s fastest race car.

The outlet further elaborates on the project’s plot, saying: “Based on a true story, the film follows an eccentric, determined team of American engineers and designers, led by automotive visionary Carroll Shelby and his British driver, Ken Miles, who are dispatched by Henry Ford II with the mission of building from scratch an entirely new automobile with the potential to finally defeat the perennially dominant Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship.”

Variety also reports that Mangold is interested in Matt Damon for the role of Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale for the role of Ken Miles. The director will collaborate with Edge of Tomorrow screenwriters Jez and John-Henry Butterworth on the screenplay.

It’s unclear what Mangold’s next project will be, however, as he is attached to a number of projects at the studio. Mangold is developing an X-23 spin-off from last year’s hit film, and now Oscar nominee, Logan. He is also attached to direct the feature adaptation of the Don Winslow novel, The Force, an adaptation of the children’s novel, Crenshaw, and an English-language remake of Disorder, based on the 2015 French-Belgian film directed by Alice Winocour. He was previously attached to a feature film based on Patty Hearst, but the project was cancelled.

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