A Warning About the Cloverfield Energy Initiative


A Warning About the Cloverfield Energy Initiative

A warning about the Cloverfield Energy Initiative

Last night, Cloverfield franchise viral site Tagruato.jp updated with a message about “The Cloverfield Energy Initiative” talking about how the Tagruato Corporation is leading the way in reshaping the way we power the world. The initiative is headed up by scientist Rafu Funaki, the Chairman of the Future Energy Development Committee who can be traced back to the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for the first film!

As far as the new update, the sleuths at Reddit have deciphered a hidden message from “T.I.D.O WAVE” which warns that someone must stop the experiment from happening as it will “reset the world’s grid.” One theory is that this “experiment” will open up different timelines, which could play into what takes place in the upcoming, untitled April 20, 2018 Cloverfield movie. The film was previously known as God Particle and has since been rumored to carry the Cloverfield Station name.

The plot for Paramount Pictures’ new Cloverfield movie is said to revolve around an American space station that, after an accident with a particle accelerator, suddenly finds that Earth has vanished altogether. Things get stranger when they then pick up traces of another space station nearby. It stars David Oyelowo (SelmaInterstellar), John Ortiz (Fast & Furious films, Kong: Skull Island), Elizabeth Debicki (The Night ManagerThe Man From U.N.C.L.E.), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (ConcussionBeyond the Lights), Chris O’Dowd (The IT CrowdMoone BoyThor: The Dark World), Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Daniel Bruhl (Captain America: Civil WarRush).

The new Cloverfield movie is directed by Julius Onah (The Girl is in Trouble). Originally scripted by Freaks of Nature and 22 Jump Street scribe Oren Uziel, the project was rewritten by Star Beyond‘s Doug Jung.

What do you make of the new update? Can you find any more hints?

UPDATE: Fans who participated in the Slusho truck event at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 just got a package that includes a Slusho bobble head, a certificate of authenticity, and a pamphlet that has the same information about “The Cloverfield Energy Initiative” and more! Meanwhile, a new video has been uploaded to 04182028.com and it looks like actor Donal Logue is part of this ARG.


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