Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch to Star in Indigo Valley


Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch to star in indie film Indigo Valley

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch to star in indie film Indigo Valley

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch has been cast in the lead role in the upcoming indie drama Indigo Valley, according to Variety. The film is about “a honeymoon trek in the Icelandic wilderness.” Indigo Valley is a U.S.-U.K. -Icelandi co-production and was revealed last week at the American Film Market. Courtney Harmstone will produce.

Indigo Valley is based on a short film by Jaclyn Bethany. Bethany will direct and star in the film. The story follows a newlywed couple who are hiking in the Icelandic wilderness. The woman’s estranged sister, who is an actress who has recently been released from rehab, shows up. Bethany will play the sister and Lynch will play one half of the newlywed couple. According to the site, “Jealousy, insecurity, and sexual tension run high in the desolate landscape of Iceland, highlighting the tumultuous future these three people face.”

Indigo Valley is the first collaboration between Bethany and Harmstone who have created the banner Indigo Films, which centers on female-driven story content. Matthew Helderman from Buffalo 8 will executive producer. Fenrir Films of Iceland will co-produce.

Evanna Lynch is known for playing the character of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise. She appeared in the last four films in the series and the accompanying video games. She beat out 15,000 other actresses for the part. She starred in the indie teen comedy G.B.F., as well as the TV movie A Very Potter Senior Year, where she reprised the role of Luna Lovegood. She appeared in the short film It Don’t Come EasyAddiction: A 60s Love StoryMy Name is Emily and the TV movie Danny and the Human Zoo. She also voices Luna in the video game LEGO Dimensions.

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