Affleck, Damon and Todd to Produce Detective Film The Shadows


Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd will produce The Shadows about America's first detectives

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd will produce The Shadows, about America’s first detectives

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd’s Pearl Street Films are teaming up with Paramount to produce The Shadows, according THR. Chris Bremner pitched the story to the studio and will write the script for the film. The Shadows is based on Matthew Pearl’s Boston Globe Magazine article Into the Shadows. It tells the story of America’s first undercover officers in Boston.

Boston was incorporated as a city in 1826 and two decades later, they had to figure out how to make 30 police officers and 150 patrolmen keep a population of almost 140,000 safe. Mayor Josiah Quincy Jr. was embarrassed when a man called Albert Tirrell, charged with the murder of his prostitute mistress was exonerated. He and the City Council put city marshall Francis Tukey in charge and decided to begin a group of cops who would, as the article explains, focuse on “investigating complex cases and infiltrating underworld activities using subterfuge. Deductive reasoning — and the blunter skills of persuasion and coercion — had the potential to impose order on the disorder. Officially christened the Detective Police, Boston’s newest force would soon be known by a more enigmatic name: ‘the shadows.’” The decision changed law enforcement in this country.

Chris Bremner is also co-writing the Harry Houdini film that will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg with Noah Oppenheim. He’s also known for writing Black Friars, which was on the Black List in 2015.

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