Disney isn't going forward with their Jack and the Beanstalk movie Gigantic

Gigantic: Disney Not Moving Forward with Jack and the Beanstalk Film

Disney isn’t going forward with their Jack and the Beanstalk movie Gigantic

Gigantic, Disney‘s planned animated take on Jack and the Beanstalk, is no longer happening, according to THR. The film, which had a man meeting a young female giant, was set to be released in 2020.

The film was described this way: “Set in Spain during the Age of Exploration, Disney’s Gigantic follows adventure-seeker Jack as he discovers a world of giants hidden within the clouds. He hatches a grand plan with a 60-foot-tall, 11-year-old girl, and agrees to help her find her way home. But he doesn’t account for her super-sized personality – and who knew giants were so down to earth?” The film was originally set to be released in 2018, then moved to 2020.

“It’s impossible to know when we begin a project how the creative process will unfold, and sometimes, no matter how much we love an idea or how much heart goes into it, we find that it just isn’t working,” Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios president Ed Catmull told the site. “With Gigantic, we’ve come to that point, and although it’s a difficult decision, we are ending active development for now. We are focusing our energies on another project that has been in the works, which we’ll be sharing more about soon, now set for Thanksgiving 2020.”

Inside Out co-writer Meg LeFauve and Nathan Greno (Tangled) as well as songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez, who were responsible for the score for Frozen, were on board for the Gigantic. Disney Animation’s next projects are Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, which will hit theaters on November 21, 2018, and Frozen 2, which will debut in 2019.

What do you guys think of the news that Gigantic isn’t happening. Is this a film you would like to have seen? Let us know in the comments.


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