Woody Allen Travels to Copenhagen Next


Over the last eight years, filmmaker Woody Allen has forayed outside the comfort of his New York City environment to make films in other countries, starting with a quartet of films in England, which included Match Point and Scoop, as well as Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Spain. A few weeks back, Allen won his fourth Oscar for his screenplay for Midnight in Paris and on June 22, his next movie Nero Fiddled will take him to Rome. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Allen’s next untitled film will take him to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, as he continues his tour of European cities.

According to the story, Allen’s collaborator on these European films, producer Letty Aronson, is in talks with Danish producer Per Holst (Per the Conqueror) to set up the production for a 2013 shoot in the Danish city with help from the Danish government who are looking to attract international co-productions.

As has been the case with Allen’s other European films, one can probably expect to see some of Denmark’s finest acting talent being tapped to star in the film. As has generally been the case with Allen’s work, he won’t have any sort of plot revealed before production.