Deadpool director Tim Miller to take on William Gibson's classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer

Deadpool Director Tim Miller to Take on William Gibson’s Neuromancer

Deadpool director Tim Miller to take on William Gibson’s classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer

Deadpool director Tim Miller left the sequel due to creative differences back in October of last year. Though Miller is teaming up next with James Cameron for the Terminator reboot, he’s reportedly got another project in the works. Miller and his VFX studio Blur will be taking on the classic 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson for Fox, according to Deadline. Neuromancer won the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick Awards and is the story of Case, a console cowboy who stole from one of his employers. He can’t access cyberspace because of a brain injury and begins to work for a mysterious boss.

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Here is the book description from Amazon: “The Matrix is a world within the world, a global consensus-hallucination, the representation of every byte of data in cyberspace…Henry Dorsett Case was the sharpest data-thief in the business, until vengeful former employees crippled his nervous system. But now a new and very mysterious employer recruits him for a last-chance run. The target: an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth in service of the sinister Tessier-Ashpool business clan. With a dead man riding shotgun and Molly, mirror-eyed street-samurai, to watch his back, Case embarks on an adventure that ups the ante on an entire genre of fiction.”

Neuromancer has been adapted into a video game, a graphic novel, a radio play, and audiobook and even an opera. There have been a number of attempts to turn the property into a film.

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