David Mamet to Script The Force Movie for James Mangold

David Mamet to Script The Force Movie for James Mangold

Deadline reports that legendary writer David Mamet is in talks to write the script for The Force, the upcoming feature adaptation of the just-released novel from Don Winslow. Should Mamet sign on, Logan and 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold is set to helm the picture, which hails from 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free.

Winslow’s novel, which hit stores today, is officially described as follows:

Our ends know our beginnings, but the reverse isn’t true . . .

All Denny Malone wants is to be a good cop.

He is “the King of Manhattan North,” a, highly decorated NYPD detective sergeant and the real leader of “Da Force.” Malone and his crew are the smartest, the toughest, the quickest, the bravest, and the baddest, an elite special unit given unrestricted authority to wage war on gangs, drugs and guns. Every day and every night for the eighteen years he’s spent on the Job, Malone has served on the front lines, witnessing the hurt, the dead, the victims, the perps. He’s done whatever it takes to serve and protect in a city built by ambition and corruption, where no one is clean—including Malone himself.

What only a few know is that Denny Malone is dirty: he and his partners have stolen millions of dollars in drugs and cash in the wake of the biggest heroin bust in the city’s history. Now Malone is caught in a trap and being squeezed by the Feds, and he must walk the thin line between betraying his brothers and partners, the Job, his family, and the woman he loves, trying to survive, body and soul, while the city teeters on the brink of a racial conflagration that could destroy them all.

Mamet’s career has ranged from plays to feature films and even into television, with notable works including The UntouchablesGlengarry Glen RossThe Postman Always Rings Twice, and The Unit.


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