Contest: Win the Immortals Prequel Graphic Novel!

One thing I hope to do a lot more with this new incarnation of the Weekend Warrior is to start giving a lot of stuff away. People who know me well have already been threatening to submit me to “Hoarders” which tells me it’s time to give away some of the free crap I get all the time to the readers.

With Tarsem Singh’s Immortals opening today nationwide, we have a copy of the really cool prequel graphic novel “Immortals: Gods and Heroes,” which Relativity put together with Archaia Entertainment. Together, they assembled an amazing team of writers and artists to tell the backstory of some of the characters from the movie, including work from the likes of Jock (“The Losers”), Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti (“Jonah Hex”), Ron Marz, Ben McCool, F.J. De Santo and Phil Hester.

If you’ve seen the movie or plan to, it’s really a must read!

We have exactly one copy to give away, so to win it, you’ll have to describe in 100 words or less your favorite scene in Immortals and what you liked about it, so yes, this means that you’ll probably have to see the movie and find something that you liked about it (but if you’re very clever, you can fool us by describing a scene from the trailer and maybe that’ll work).

What I deem to be the most honest and interesting entry will win the graphic novel. It’s a simple as that!

This contest is for readers in US and Canada only and you have to be 16 or older to enter, so just send your name, address, birthdate and your 100 word or less response to:

Warrior at comingsoon dot net

(Please put “Immortals Contest” in the subject line.)

Deadline for the contest is next Thursday, November 17 at 11PM Eastern.


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