Tom Cruise May Join Doug Liman’s We Are Mortals


In a rather long-winded analysis of Tom Cruise’s career, The Hollywood Reporter mentions in passing that Warner Bros. is in talks with the actor to star in Doug (The Bourne Identity) Liman’s All You Need Is Kill, as well as noting that the manga-inspired sci-fi war epic is now called We Are Mortals. This comes just a month after reports from Vulture that Cruise’s Interview with the Vampire co-star Brad Pitt was in talks for the role.

With recent rumblings that Liman’s long-planned Moon epic Luna may have been put into turnaround by Paramount, it makes sense the director might want to move forward with his other major project, but he also was recently attached to direct Everest for Sony, based on Jeffrey Archer’s book “Paths of Glory.”

There isn’t a lot more said about the movie or the role Cruise may play in Liman’s movie, but there are some interesting thoughts on Cruise’s current career over in the THR article, which you can read here.