Princesses Movie Being Shopped as Avengers for Fairy Tales

Tracking Board is reporting that Paradigm’s David Boxerbaum and literary manager Jake Wagner are currently out to several major studios with a hot Princesses movie spec script, described as “a female-driven ‘Avengers’ featuring classic fairy tale princesses.”

Nir Paniry, who previously wrote and directed the low-budget sci-fi flick Extracted, wrote the spec that is garnering so much attention. There is no current knowledge of which specific princesses are included in the team-up, but expect them to all be iconic, in the public domain, and having previously been utilized by Disney.

Should Walt Disney Pictures bid on it, with their back catalogue of classic Disney princesses at the ready, they have attached director Joachim Ronning of their upcoming summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. His filmmaking partner Espen Sandberg is attached to next helm a Norwegian film titled Roald Amundsen, which indicates a split between the two.

Lawrence Grey (Lights Out, Last Vegas) is attached to produce Princesses under his Grey Matter banner.

What would be your fantasy dream team for a Princesses movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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