Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Captain Fantastic’s Matt Ross to Direct


Captain Fantastic's Matt Ross is set to direct the science fiction thriller Tomorrow and Tomorrow, based on the 2014 novel by Tom Sweterlitsch.

Captain Fantastic’s Matt Ross is set to direct the sci-fi thriller Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Matt Ross, the actor-turned-director who recently helmed the acclaimed Captain Fantastic, has lined up a new project in the science fiction thriller Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Based on the original novel by Tom Sweterlitsch, Tomorrow and Tomorrow was found by Entertainment 360, who then brought it to producer Mark Gordon at The Mark Gordon Company. From there, the two took the project to TriStar, where it sold in a competitive auction.

First published in 2014 by Penguin Books, Tomorrow and Tomorrow is officially described as follows:

Pittsburgh is John Dominic Blaxton’s home even though the city has been uninhabitable ruin and ash for the past decade. The Pittsburgh Dominic lives in is the Archive, an immersive virtual reconstruction of the city’s buildings, parks, and landmarks, as well as the people who once lived there. Including Dominic’s wife and unborn child.

When he’s not reliving every recorded moment with his wife in an endless cycle of desperation and despair, Dominic investigates mysterious deaths preserved in the Archive before Pittsburgh’s destruction. His latest cold case is the apparent murder of a woman whose every appearance is deliberately being deleted from the Archive.

Obsessed with uncovering this woman’s identity and what happened to her, Dominic follows a trail from the virtual world into reality. But finding the truth buried deep within an illusion means risking his sanity and his very existence…

“The triumph of ‘Captain Fantastic’ is that it is at once funny, emotional and thought provoking,” says TriStar President Hannah Minghella. “It’s this ability to explore a thematic idea in a way that is both intelligent and entertaining that makes Matt such an exciting director for Tomorrow and Tomorrow. As a futuristic crime thriller, the book uses the near future to reflect on timely questions about our world today and how virtual reality impacts actual reality. It’s Matt’s interest in exploring the complex intersection of technology with morality and love that makes his vision for Tomorrow and Tomorrow especially compelling.”

“‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow’ is prescient, it posits a world not so dissimilar from today,” says Ross, “A direction we are all clearly headed. where technology has altered the ways in which we interact with each other and the world around us. I hope to examine, following the book’s lead, the degree to which our lives are enhanced, and deeply compromised, by the technology that is already an inseparable part of our daily existence. Lynette and I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Hannah to translate this book into the complex and relevant film we all believe it can be.”

In addition to both writing and directing Captain Fantastic (currently nominated for an Academy Award), Ross is a regular on HBO’s Silicon Valley, playing the antagonistic Gavin Belsom.

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