Shane Acker Takes Thomas the Tank Engine


HIT Entertainment is moving forward with a feature film based on “The Railway Series” and, particularly, its most popular character, Thomas the Tank Engine. Deadine has the story and word that Shane Acker (9) will direct.

Thomas debuted in Rev. W. Awdry’s long-running books, but is best known today for the children’s television series, “Thomas & Friends,” which has been running since 1984.

Live action with effects by WETA, the film will skew for a slightly older children’s audience than the television series’ playschool age range and will feature a script by Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi and Josh Klausner.

“The tale will revolve around a pre-teen boy who has drifted apart from his father,” Acker explains, “The son is introduced into this world of Sodor, a place his father visited as a child but can’t remember. There is a bonding experience.”

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