The Hangover Part III Would End the Franchise


We’re still more than a week away from The Hangover Part II hitting theaters, but fans should be pleased to know that there is already a loose concept a third film which, according to writer/director Todd Phillips, would end the franchise.

Understandably reluctant to go into any specifics, Phillips spoke this morning at the press conference for the second chapter where he responded to a question about future adventures of Phil, Stu and Alan.

“Obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy,” he said, “The third would be very much a finale and an ending… I haven’t discussed it with these actors yet. [It would] not follow the same template, but is very much a new idea.”

Phillips added that, while the concept for the film is there, it doesn’t (yet) hinge on a specific location.

“As far as where it takes place,” he added, “I’m very open. It’ll be like being on the Olympic committee, being pitched and presented cities, flown around with wine and women and bribes.”

The other certainty in Phillips’ mind is that the franchise won’t delve off into character spinoffs, though he did joke that Ken Jeong’s Mr. Chow would have enough of a backstory to fill his own franchise.

The Hangover Part II hits theaters on May 27th. Check back with soon for exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.