CinemaCon: Is Star Trek 2 Really Coming Out in Summer ’12?


With so much recent attention and adulation being heaped on J.J. Abrams’ upcoming coming-of-age sci-fi thriller Super 8 and Abrams out doing the rounds, it’s surprising there haven’t been more updates on the eagerly anticipated sequel Star Trek 2.

In a Deadline report about Paramount putting the Chris Pine-led Jack Ryan movie on the backburner to continue working on the script, it mentions that they plan on starting production on Star Trek 2 in the fall in order to keep its June 29, 2012 release.

Before reading that report, we had been wondering earlier if that date was realistic, since we figured Abrams will be finishing up Super 8 for the next few months, giving him roughly 13 or 14 months to film and edit and do all the special FX for Star Trek 2 in order to finish on time, which seems like a daunting task.

We had an opportunity to talk to Abrams earlier this evening so we asked him if he thinks that release date is realistic, to which he told us:

“We’re working on the story. That’s probably more important than the release date at this point, but at the moment, we’re not going to change anything.”

You can see this interaction in the video below:

In the meantime, Abrams’ next movie Super 8 opens on June 10 and the footage went over as well with the CinemaCon attendees as it did the New York journalists last week.

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