Angelina Jolie Will Not Take a Trip on the Orient Express


Angelina Jolie will not lead Murder on the Orient Express after all.

Angelina Jolie will not be boarding Murder on the Orient Express after all

Although the trade had reported last month Angelina Jolie was eyeing the lead role in 20th Century Fox‘s new Murder on the Orient Express film, Variety today reports that the Academy Award winning actress and film maker will not be booking a ticket after all for the Agatha Christie adaptation after all. With Jolie having officially passed on the film, the studio is reportedly looking at a number of other big name stars with Charlize Theron’s name being dropped in today’s article.

Agatha Christie’s original Murder on the Orient Express novel was published in 1934 and is often considered one of the most ingenious stories ever devised. It revolves around a murder onboard the famous train, and Belgian detective Hercule Poirot must solve the case – but there are a number of passengers who could potentially be the murderer. 

Kenneth Branagh is attached to both direct and star as Poirot in addition to producing alongside Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon, Michael Schaefer and Aditya Sood. Michael Green, who also worked with Scott on the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, is providing the screenplay, with Steve Asbell overseeing the production for Fox. James Prichard and Hilary Strong will both executive produce.

Although several TV versions have been made, Murder on the Orient Express was previously – and most famously – adapted by director Sidney Lumet in a lavish 1974 feature starring Albert Finney as Poirot along with Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset, Colin Blakely, Sean Connery, John Gielgud, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Martin Balsam and Michael York.

Angelina Jolie most recently lent her voice to the animated franchise sequel Kung Fu Panda 3. It was also recently revealed that she’ll be returning for Walt Disney PicturesMaleficent sequel.

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