Aronofsky to Direct The Tiger Next?

Though his name has, in the past few weeks, been associated with Preacher, Wolverine 2 as well as Superman reboot (now attached to Zack Snyder), Darren Aronofsky may make his next project the previously-announced The Tiger, according to a interview conducted with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga by CNN Mexico (Via The Playlist).

Arriaga states that location scouting will begin next month for a shoot early next year.

Based on the non-fiction book by John Vaillant, the Brad Pitt-starrer tells the story of the hunt for a man-eating tiger in eastern Russia.

If Aronofsky does, indeed, plan to shoot next year as Arriaga says, it is unlikely that he would be remain an option for Wolverine 2 and possibly for Preacher as well.


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