Fox Hires Writers for W. Hodding Carter Film


Risky Business says that 20th Century Fox has hired writers Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse to pen the screenplay for an untitled movie based on journalist W. Hodding Carter’s various writings about his drastic real-life efforts to scale down his family’s spending. The site describes the true story as follows:

A journalist and author, Carter realized his family of six was living far beyond its means in rural Rockport, Maine, and decided they should try to live on $550 per month after mortgage payments. Among their new domestic policies are farming their front yard, raising chickens, eating roadkill, forgoing vacations and meals out, making their own birthday gifts, plugging trees for maple syrup, reusing coffee filters and bartering with neighbors.

Double Feature Films’ Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg originally brought the project to Fox and are producing.