SDCC: Tron Legacy Scavenger Hunt

The Tron Legacy viral chase is back in 2010 with an all-new set of rules and another mystery event happening tonight at 10:00pm (PST) at Flynn’s Arcade.

Earlier today, the official Tron viral twitter feed, OperationTron, began giving out pairs of addresses. The first people to show up at the first address had to photograph themselves standing next to a “Tron Artifact.” From there, players had to race to another location and show off their pictures to receive a plastic bag filled with mysterious items, seen here:

The two wristbands allow entry to a secret event happening tonight at Flynn’s Arcade on 6th street. The Disk Wars disc (which glows in the dark) has a pop-out data card which, presumably, will come into play at tonight’s event.

More viral chases seem to be happening at 45 minutes on the hour, so, if you’re in San Diego, be on the lookout. The chases are ending faster and faster but, if you participate, please exercise safety and check back here tonight for the full update.

UPDATE:A small crowd gathered outside Flynn’s Arcade and, shortly after 10, the doors opened and guests were handed coin purses filled with Flynn tokens, each marked with the logo of a different Encom game.

Inside was the same arcade as last year, but in a state of disrepair with the games covered by plastic sheets.

Again like last year, the lights and sounds in the room went wild and the TRON game opened to reveal a secret passage that lead to Flynn’s lab where, moments later, a digitizing laser went off, zapping the crowd.

Another door opened with a long passageway filled with smoke and colored lights.

At the end of the hall was a final door that opened onto a lounge area in the Tron style. Apparently, this is the “End of the Line” bar, which is featured in the film as a place programs go before heading to the games.

A DJ played music while a number of men an women in TRON appropriate dress walked through the crowd.

In the center of the room, Bruce Boxleitner shook hands and took pictures with very happy TRON fans.

At the end of the night, everyone exiting the experience received a limited edition poster, featuring art from the film.


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