Exclusive Bottleneck Gallery Alien Day Print

Exclusive Bottleneck Gallery Alien Day Print

Alien Day is tomorrow, April 26, and as part of the festivities, Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery has several prints they’re unveiling for the big day and have provided us with an exclusive first look at Laurent Durieux‘s gorgeous artwork for Ridley Scott’s 1979 original Alien. The piece, which depicts doomed members of the Nostromo crew strolling across LV-426 towards the derelict ship, was created with an exquisite etched look that would make it a centerpiece on any fan’s wall space. Check out both regular and variant editions in our gallery below, which also includes other Bottleneck Gallery prints we’ve featured in the past, including Alien and Star Wars.  

Bottleneck gallery will also be hosting a screening of Alien at Syndicated BK in Brooklyn, NY at 10pm. The screening is currently sold out, however they will still have activities going on in the theater lobby. Starting at 8pm eastern, they will be giving away pins, prints, and toys provided by NECA.

Both editions of Durieux’s piece were screen printed by VGKids and are sized 24 x 36 inches, with the “regular” Alien print in a numbered edition of 550 for $65, while the green variant in a numbered edition of only 225 will go for $85.

There will also be a metal edition sold only at Syndicated the night of the screening, with 20 available to the general public and 20 made available to ticket holders. The 24 x 36 inch metal screen print will cost $250 each and be out of an edition of 50.

All remaining Alien prints by Laurent will go on sale Wednesday, April 27 at 12pm eastern on the Bottleneck Gallery homepage.


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