Andy Fickman to Direct Us & Them


Andy Fickman is negotiating to direct the Fox comedy Us & Them, written by married screenwriters Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario (Surf’s Up), reports Risky Business. Billy Crystal is attached to star and produce.

According to the trade, Crystal’s original idea “explores the differences in parenting philosophies between the last two generations, or how ‘parent’ morphed from a noun into a verb. In the film, Crystal would play a grandfather forced to take care of his three grandchildren by the 21st century rules of his daughter, their mother, who has gone on a weeklong work vacation.

“In the process, he is confronted with what seems to him an absurd world of negotiating with kids, Little League games where everyone gets a hit, tailored meals and ‘feelings.’ Ultimately, he reverts to an old-school-justice style of discipline.”