Update: Three Musketeers Costumes Revealed


The first look at one of the costumes for Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming The Three Musketeers has appeared online, courtesy of star Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich tweeted the images below with the accompanying messages:

Good morning! Going 2 my 1st 3M (3musketeers) fitting! Will b fun trying on all those big 17th century gowns!

A 17th century bond girl!How amazing is this 1st test 4 the costume 4 3M!Its jst canvas w bits of fabric pinned 2 it!

UPDATE: Milla has been posting a lot more costumes to her Twitter Feed since these first couple of pictures below, essentially taking pictures as she tries the outfits on. It’s a veritable 17th Century fashion show! You can keep up to date on the latest outfit she’s trying on here.