Hop ‘s Rabbit Designed by Peter DeSéve


Speaking exclusively with ComingSoon.net at this morning’s Despicable Me junket, producer Chris Meledandri discussed his next project, Hop, speaking for the first time about the lead character’s design which has been done with artist Peter DeSéve.

The live-action film stars Russell Brand as the voice of a CGI rabbit, the son of the Easter Bunny who is about to inherit his father’s title. When he’s injured, the rabbit comes under the care of an out-of-work slacker (James Marsden), who oversees his recovery.

“You go for photorealistic details on fur, quality of eyes, and cloth because the bunny does wear a shirt,” said Meledandri, “But the design itself is a characiture. bunnylike, but it’s a Peter DeSéve design.”

DeSéve, whose work most famously appears regularly as New Yorker covers, has contributed to the look of several animated films, including Finding Nemo, Mulan, the “Ice Age” films and Ratatouille.