Your Toy Story 3 Easter Egg Guide


With Toy Story 3 hitting DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, November 2nd, has decided to take another look at some of the Easter Eggs hidden in the film. We’ve gone through the film frame by frame and added to our list from earlier this yeah, but there may still be more out there and it’s up to you to help find them. Keep checking back, because we’ll be updating our list as more eagle-eyed readers let us know what they managed to spot.

Beware if you haven’t seen the film, some of the images below contain some spoilers.

1. Hometown Map

Behind Andy’s bed is a map of the world marked with pushpins. Those pushpins each correspond to the hometowns of the film’s production team.

2. Cutting Blvd Sign

Stealing street signs may be more of a Sid Phillips move, but we’ll forgive Andy for this one; W. Cutting Blvd. is the street where Pixar was originally located in Richmond, CA.

3. Finn McMissile

Check out the car poster by Andy’s bed. That’s a hint at a new character, Finn McMissile, who will debut in Cars 2. A full design for the character was shown off at last year’s D23, showing Finn as a James Bond-esque Aston Martin.

4. A113

Since the first Toy Story, Andy’s mom has had the license plate A113, a reference to an animation room at CalArts. The number pops up across the animation world as an in-joke in dozens of films and television series, everything from The Iron Giant to “The Simpsons.” In Toy Story 3, the plate is surrounded by a frame that says “Tiger Pride,” a reference to director Lee Unkrich’s hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and his high school mascot.

5. Totoro

Courtesy of Studio Ghibli, Totoro himself makes an appearance in the form of one of Bonnie’s plush toys.

6. Buy n Large

Buzz Lightyear doesn’t run on just any old brand of batteries! Those are Buy n Large brand, straight from WALL•E.

7. 95

The train engine in the opening sequence has a big 95 on the front, a reference to the year that the first Toy Story was released and the racing number of Cars‘ Lightning McQueen.

8. Lightning McQueen Shirt

Speaking of Lightning McQueen, it looks like this Sunnyside Day Care kid happens to be a fan.

9. Toy Characters

Look for a number of toy variations on other Pixar characters. Check out Boo and Mike from Monsters, Inc. and a pretty nifty looking wooden Lightning McQueen.

10. Newt Crossing

Newt was scheduled to be Pixar’s 2012 summer release but has since been taken off the schedule and it is unknown whether the story will ever see the light of day. Since it seems that Andy is a fan, let’s hope it gets back on track.

11. Nemo Sticker

Check out the sticker at the bottom of Andy’s toy chest for a very familiar clownfish.

12. Before There Was Lotso

There are even Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs in other Pixar films! Not only did Lotso make his first appearance in Up, but a very early version of the toy actually appeared in the first Toy Story film fifteen years earlier:


13. Mr. Ray and a Tractor

Look who CS poster Gracie spotted on the toy shelf! It’s Mr. Ray, Nemo’s singing stingray teacher. In the same shot, Goodridge noticed a tractor from Cars.

14. Luxo Jr.’s Ball

/Film found a familiar bouncing ball hidden among the tiles outside Sunnyside Daycare.


15. Tin Toys

These scared fellows in the corner are the some of the same terrified toys that appeared in Pixar’s early short, Tin Toy (thanks to /Film)

16. More (Revolting) Batteries

We already saw the Buy n Large brand batteries, but here’s another brand: Revolting. That’s the same imaginary company that sponsored Chick Hicks (voiced by Toy Story 3‘s own Michael Keaton) in Cars. (thanks to /Film.

17. Redrum

Velocistar237 is more than just a dinosaur toy. He’s also a fan of The Shining, just like Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, who lists it as his favorite film. The numbers 237 are famously the numbers of the hotel room in the film. (thanks to /Film)


18. Ellie and Carl

It looks like Andy is pen pals with Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Up. It’s hard to spot, but /Film caught this postcard on Andy’s post-it board.

19. Flick

Appropriately named reader Flick spotted a toy version of Flick from A Bug’s Life – he can be seen jumping away just as the line of children get ready to return to Sunnyside from recess.

20. Wally B

A patch on Bonnie’s backpack is of Wally B. from the early Pixar short The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. (Thanks to posters Rodney and Tigerrama85)

21. Atta

During the scene at Sunnyside where Woody climbs into the ceiling, the letters on the wall spell out ATTA, the name of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character in A Bug’s Life (Thanks to Clayton)

22. Grown-Up Sid

Making a cameo appearance is a grown-up Sid Phillips, the villain from the first Toy Story. You can recognize him from his trademark skull t-shirt.

23. More Tiger Pride

Poster Jennifer spotted another reference to Unkrich’s high-school mascot: Andy has a Tigers sticker on the chest in his room.

24. The Six Million Dollar Man

While it may not be a toy, per se, Unkrich points out on the film’s commentary track that one his favorite childhood items was his Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox. Look for it making a cameo appearance as the metal object that Buzz Lightyear grabs onto in the garbage dump.

25. Room 237

Another nod to The Shining, Sid’s garbage truck features a license plate that references Room 237.

26. Pixar University

Andy’s room features a pendant with the letters “P.U.”, acknowledging the real-life education and development program, “Pixar University”.

27. Pizza Planet

Making another Pixar film cameo is the Pizza Planet truck from the first Toy Story. This one is famous for its distinctive “YO” on the back.

28. Luxo, Jr.

Another Pixar regular, Luxo Jr. can be seen (in red) atop Andy’s desk.

29. Emeryville

Just where is Andy going to college anyway? Judging from his application letter, it’s not far from Pixar’s headquarters in Emeryville.

30. The Evil Dead

Another horror movie nod, Unkrich notes on the commentary that this shot is inspired by a Sam Raimi shot in The Evil Dead when Ash gets pulled into the cellar.

Post your own findings below and we’ll add them to the list!