Logan’s Run Finds New Director in Carl Rinsch

Logan’s Run is set to return to the big screen under director Carl Rinsch, according to Heat Vision.

Rinsch, a popular commercial director, was slated to direct the upcoming Alien prequel, but moved aside to let Ridley Scott take over.

The original novel series was first published in 1967 by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. It was most famously adapted into a film in 1975 which was spun off into a less successful television series. Attempts to re-adapt the property have been ongoing in recent years, including a version that began preproduction with Bryan Singer at the helm.

The first book in the trilogy, “Logan’s Run” (followed by “Logan’s World” and “Logan’s Search”), deals with a utopian future with one major catch: no one is allowed to live past 30. The lead character, Logan 5 (played by Michael York in the original film) has the job of “Sandman”, a special police that stops “runners” from escaping when they approach their 30th birthday.


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