Soderbergh Comes Out of Retirement to Direct Damon and Tatum in Logan Lucky


Soderbergh Comes Out of Retirement to Direct Damon and Tatum in Logan Lucky.

Steven Soderbergh comes out of retirement to direct Damon and Tatum in Logan Lucky

Variety is reporting that Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh will again direct a feature film, titled Logan Lucky, which will star Matt Damon and Channing Tatum (the trade had earlier said the title was “Hillbilly Heist”). Soderbergh announced his retirement from directing films following 2013’s Side Effects.

According to Variety, the storyline for the project is a bit of a mystery, but it will be produced by Glen Basner. Most of the major studios are lining up to acquire the project and a deal is expected to be in place by the end of the week.

While he had stopped helming feature films, Soderbergh has still been directing and producing TV titles, including “Red Oaks,” “The Knick,” and upcoming “The Girlfriend Experience.” He last directed Damon in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra. Soderbergh has worked together with Damon on the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, Contagion and The Informant!

Soderbergh has also worked previously with Tatum on HaywireMagic Mike and Side Effects.

One interesting addition is that Deadline says that the two actors teaming with Soderbergh are actually Michael Shannon and Channing Tatum, not Matt Damon. Variety is standing by their story though, so stay tuned for possibly more on this project.

UPDATE: Steven Soderbergh has taken to Twitter and says the Variety story is “wrong,” though he doesn’t elaborate.

UPDATE #2: Variety has now corrected their story and say that Matt Damon is not part of the project, making the Michael Shannon attachment more likely.

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